Sunday, September 27, 2009

September's Walk--green and gloaming

I needed this walk, almost had a thirst for the comfort of it.
Family, friends and new walkers arrived to participate, about 20 in all. The weather was perfectly appropriate--cool and a bit cloudy. Some leaves had changed, but it was still quite green. Here are the comments of those who chose to write and photographs from Thom Munterich.

We begin, youngest 9, oldest 77.

For me the Silent Walk combines the peace and tranquility of hiking alone with the comfort and safety of a group.

The silence prevented polite social chatter from overriding the energy of nature. It was just the thud of footsteps, pounding of hearts and the wonderment of the surroundings. An enlightening experience!

Thanks for the chance to step out of the 'real' world-with its endless nonsense and distractions--and into a better one.

Fourth time. New hiking shoes worked great. So many people, all trying to get the most out of it, all trying to absorb the surroundings as best they can.

A beautiful night--finally feeling like evening. Louder crickets-cooler breezes. Snakeskin on rock. Playing quietly with Max. A great way to spend a Saturday.

First Timer--It was easier to be quiet than I was afraid it would be! I was surprised. I only saw one live creature-a bird-when we were sitting. Very relaxing. I didn't want it to end!

Thanks for the opportunity to think for a while--I am so glad I came!

So cool. So beautiful.

Vines wrapped around a tree holding a gigantic broken branch precariously over the path.

Fourth time and I looked forward to the soft release, the unwinding of the day. Felt the peace well up inside and seep out. Then it all came in again--the voices in the neighborhood below, the boats, the snake skin, the clouds, the mountains and the river. Colors of dusk.

At times I felt alone, and for a moment, I felt that we were all one.

I saw a tree wrapped around another tree and I thought, "Cool, they're hugging." A couple minutes later I realized, "No, they're fighting."

Thanks to everyone who came out. The group makes the experience what it is.
Next walk is October 25, a Sunday! Please come and bring a friend.

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  1. silent walks on the half moon has become one of my favorite things to do each month. i look forward to it more and more. can't wait until the next few months when it is dark by 6 pm. the blog is almost as good as the real thing!