Friday, November 11, 2022

Blue Light, Blood Moon

November's walk started in darkness as clocks were turned back just 2 days before. Honestly, walking in the dark is the best part of the Silent Walks. Plus the moon sailed high in the sky, casting the tree shadows across our path in sharp, striped relief. We offered glow bracelets to those who wanted, which are the little dots of green or blue in the photos. The clear air and wash of blue-gray moonlight felt like walking through an old movie where the night scene is actually filmed during the day, dark and bright at once.

The forest was in focus but tinted to monochrome, 
better to perceive the light.

What follows are the words offered by participants after the Walk finished. With the photographs, they intend to convey an idea of what the Walk was like. To be sure, they are markers of an experience, a way to jog the memory, but nothing compares to the full sensation of going on the Walk. peaceful, so refreshing

 Gravity is much more present in the dark--feet connected to the earth, 
keeping me from falling.

With a closed mouth and an open mind, I felt 

Thoughts rolling around like marbles in my head, 
left over from the day

What a profound experience to be walking in quiet community in the moonlight in this place. 
 This one was so special. When we humans are moving together, we vibrate differently. 
When we humans are silent we hear so many other voices both inside and outside ourselves. 
 I felt like the light and companionship were filling up my stores while preparing me for the dark and inward-turning season.

The moonlight and wind, dancing a tango across the water.

I felt the breeze a moment before
 the moonlight's sudden flash across the water, dazzled.

Diamond water, some kind of otherworld message--
felt love, universal peace

I had an excellent Silent Walk in the dark woods. 
The most amazing part I noticed was the reflection of the full moon on the reservoir water.
 The water came to life!
Thanking you from my heart.


As far in the woods as we were, the world never let go. 
The ambience of civilization moved across the sky,
danced with the wind, and road the darkness. 

The moonlight was very beautiful on the water. 
It really looked like something was happening out there!

The magic moon

Moonlight--like forest lamplight magic

Wind on the water,
Shadows from the moonlight.

The Silent Walks offer sincere thanks to Black Rock Forest,
 a living laboratory of research and education. Their work helps to preserve the Hudson Highlands environmental legacy. 
Please support Black Rock Forest by becoming a 
Special thanks to Brienne Cliadakis, Susanne Vondrak, Aaron Culotta, Matt Brady, and retiring executive director, Bill Schuster, PhD. 


My enduring gratitude to
 the Silent Walks photographer, Thom Munterich.