Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Final Walk-Faith in What Remains

The night of May 20th offered warm sun, brilliantly blue skies and myriad hues of green that varied from near black to chartreuse. We were delighted to welcome so many first time walkers, especially those who came from far away to participate. Definitely better late than never. For those who have joined in many walks throughout the year, we feel a special fondness. Together we have experienced this mountain, this river and all the variables of weather and people over the past twelve months. Since last June, we crunched through leaves, got lost (briefly), got wet, warmed up, broke rules, slowed down and paid attention in a new way. The walks were an aesthetic full court press. Talk about engagement. The original questions: Who and what is nature? and Who and what makes art? are answered. Here are the closing questions: What is ephemeral? What remains? I believe an experience that develops tendrils of connection--to a moment, to a place and to a community--offers an answer.
The Silent Walks were a wonderful experience. I am grateful to every person whose participation made them happen. Many thanks. Comments from the final walk follow. entering the Quiet Zone Wonderful spring trees. Breeze stirring in the branches Tall, blossoming tree. Birds all around Tweeting a sweet sound But when I came back from the view, there was no song at all. -O. P. age 8 I like the way last year's leaves are crushes into the stones on the path. Bleu Blanc Vert Thank you. This was such an awesome experience on so many levels: smells, sounds, sights, the breeze, the streams. "every moment is made glorious..."- Rumi Bring the walks to Jersey! Make 'em longer! Rock on. Dig the quiet----need more of that. A deeper green surrounded us. The river was streaked with pale blue lines--currents, breezes, wakes, the Shawagunk escarpment distinct in the view. Beautiful. Peace. Feet make too much noise. I wanted to tell the birds to be silent. My camera made too much noise and flash. Follow the yellow hat. Trees! GREAT to finally make it!!
The View
Well, what can I say, I'm sad to see the Silent Walks go...but so glad to have been a part of it. Dappled sunshine, gnats, train horns drifting up from the Hudson. Awesome! Although my first, it was the 12th walk on the 12th night, a celebration of the fulfilled commitment to merge the boundaries of art with the cycles of nature over a year's span of time. Congratulations! So beautiful yet so...sad. Thanks for an experience that will last for years. thinking of the song that has the line "gonna feed my soul where the blacktop ends"
Special thanks to Diane and Martin and Odessa. You and Barbara Gioia get the most walks attended award! We always end the walks with conversation and a bit of refreshment, but this time, we also celebrated with a closing reception at 2 Alice's coffee house.
I cannot overstate the importance of Thom Munterich to this project. Beyond all the beautiful photographs and documentation he has provided,Thom is the only other person who has walked every walk with me. His support, both creative and logistical, has been integral to The Silent Walks. Sincerest thanks.
This mirrors the first video taken last June.
Thanks again to everyone!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The cycle is nearly complete.

Please join us on May 20th at 6pm for the final Silent Walk.
We meet at the Stone Pillars at the trail head on Mountain Road in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY. Parking is limited, so carpool if you can. We invite anyone who has walked this past year to join us for the final walk.
Help us get the word out!

The weather will be typical for May, so dress appropriately. We'll have bug spray if you want it. We have been fortunate all year, but keep in mind that the walks are postponed by one day if there is dangerous weather (lightening).

All walkers participate at their own risk.